Glover家族是1988年在Marlborough的Dillon's Point子地區的農場中最早種植葡萄的家族之一。十九年後,在長子Ben的帶領下,該家族推出了Zephyr,這是該農場的一系列葡萄園葡萄酒。和風這個名字的意思是“微風”。受制於葡萄園的盛行風的啟發,它非常適合格洛弗家族。永遠不會,永遠在旅途中,永遠在農場,葡萄酒和家人中創新和計劃下一步行動。

這個家庭農場沿著馬爾伯勒的奧帕瓦河(Opawa River)奔流,經過四代人的努力,奶牛場成功運營。歐文·格洛弗(Owen Glover)畢生致力於培養受人尊敬的血統弗里斯蘭牛群。但是在意識到他的四個孩子沒有興趣在凌晨5:00起來起奶牛之後,歐文和溫迪望著籬笆。在其他一些馬爾堡特立獨行者的開拓性努力的鼓舞下,他們選擇了將牛奶換成葡萄酒,出售牧群並將圍場改建為葡萄園。他們覺得自己的狄龍角(Dillon's Point)土地有潛力生產世界一流的葡萄酒,而這項新事業可能意味著清晨結束。

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The Glover family were one of the first to plant grapes on their farm in Marlborough’s Dillon’s Point sub-region in 1988. Nineteen years later, led by eldest son Ben, the family launched Zephyr, a range of single vineyard wines from the farm. The name Zephyr means ‘a gentle breeze’. Inspired by the prevailing wind that moderates their vineyards, it is the perfect fit for the Glover family. Never still, always on the go, always innovating and planning their next move on the farm, in the wines and with the family.

The family farm runs alongside Marlborough’s Opawa River and over four generations was home to a successful dairy operation. Owen Glover dedicated much of his life to developing a revered pedigree Friesian herd. But after realising his four children had no interest in getting up at 5:00am to milk cows, Owen and Wendy looked over the fence. Inspired by the pioneering efforts of some other Marlborough mavericks, they opted to swap out milk for wine, selling the herd and converting the paddocks to vineyard. They had a feeling their Dillon’s Point land had the potential to produce world class wine, and this new venture might mean an end to early mornings.

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